#MogulMonday - 05/23/16 "Switch it Up"

ARCHIVES: May 23, 2016

by Jamaal Curry

Hey, hey mogulers, it's Mogul Monday! If you're like me you're absolutely bumming about the #Cleveland #Cavaliers dropping the last two games in the Eastern Conference Finals. But, I'm sure they'll eventually pull it out and win the series. The coaching staff, headed by Tyronn Lue, will strategize and come up with some adjustments for the players to make. The players should (and hopefully will) internalize those changes and put them into effect for game 5 back in Northeast Ohio. That will hopefully bring about a positive effect for the Cavs (and notch in the 'W' column). But it all starts with making changes, switching things up a bit -- maybe big, maybe small. But changes nonetheless.

Sometimes switching things up or making changes is necessary for success -- or to achieve a desired goal, which is why I chose to talk about this topic in the 2nd edition of Mogul Monday. The Cavs, or at least one player, has already seen the positive impacts of making a switch this season. It's a widely known fact that many big men do not shoot free throws well. Dwight Howard is pretty atrocious, and it seemed like Shaquille O'Neill couldn't hit a free throw if you paid him...wait, he was getting paid! Now, I'm not saying that those guys didn't "try" to make adjustments to their routines to become better FT shooters. But I don't think most people in the league, not just the bigs, have done what Cavs player Tristan Thompson has done. During game 1 or 2 in these EC Finals, one of the commentators (I believe it was Jeff Van Gundy) made a comment to the effect of Tristan Thompson should be an inspiration to big men as it relates to free throw shooting. "Why?" do you ask? Because he's actually gotten better. And not just because he shot more FTs in practice, or somehow magically just starting shooting better, nor did he get a hypnotist to help him 'get in the zone.' Nope. Not known to be a particularly good FT shooter, Thompson made a drastic switch, a dynamic change at the line. A born left-hander, he switched and started shooting right-handed a few years ago. Here is a quote from Thompson from NBCSports from 2013:



A lot of people stick with what they know because they’re insecure about putting something new out there and getting embarrassed,” Thompson says. “I don’t want to sit here in 12 years and think, What if I made that change? Could I have been one of the best power forwards in the league? Could our team have taken a leap?” He thought about James, who dropped into the low post two years ago and emerged with consecutive championships. The immortals step out of their comfort zone in order to expand it. “They aren’t afraid to put it on the line,” Thompson says."

According to the NBCSports article, Thompson was shooting 61.1 percent from the FT line that preseason, up from 48.8 the season before. Might not sound like a lot to some of you, but in the basketball world that's huge!

So, what's the lesson for us here as would-be entrepreneurs and dream chasers? It's that we should all go be in the NBA, duh! Just kidding. But you have to start wondering if there are things we (you and I) can change and switch up in our own "game" that might help us see better results. Maybe there's a product or software that might work better for your company than the one you're currently using. Possibly one marketing approach you've been taking isn't yielding results like another could. Or, maybe it's even making changes in your life so you can ACTUALLY start pursuing the goals you have. Want to get up earlier to work out or get stuff done? You might have to go to bed earlier. Want to lose weight? You might have to switch up some of your eating habits. Want to live your dream and have meaningful, fulfilling work? You might have to leave your current job and take a chance on yourself. Interesting that Thompson mentions folks sticking with what they know because of insecurities. Is that you? Are you afraid to be open and honest about your passion to be a writer, dancer, coffee shop owner? Are you sticking to what you know because you're afraid of failure, or what others might say if you're honest about your heart's desires? What are some changes you can make today (even if only mentally for now) to start moving yourself toward your goals? Identify 1-2 things that you can 'switch up' in order to be more successful in your own terms. And keep track of your progress. I believe you can do it, now it's up to you to believe(land)! (Cleveland Cavaliers fans will get that last reference!)

Keeping in the vein of making a 'switch,' please feel free to be inspired by the video below (really, I just added this for fun)!