#MogulMonday - 05/16/16

ARCHIVES: May 16, 2016      Entrepreneurship     Inspiration     #MogulMonday

by Jamaal Curry

Happy Monday mogulers! This is the first official #MogulMonday post. Each Monday I want to blog and/or vlog something that will help inspire you on your entrepreneurial journey. We'll explore trends, technology, articles, etc., and sometimes I may just post wee little nuggets of inspiration to keep motivating you. I also plan to post videos on the Mogul Status YouTube channel. With the new YouTube rules, you have to have 100 followers before you can create a unique URL for your channel. So for now you can use this one: http://bit.ly/22e6OJk to take you straight to the MogulStatus.com YouTube channel. And don't forget to subscribe!

In addition to #MogulMonday posts, I will also be doing "Mogul of the Month" once a month, where I will be profiling fascinating entrepreneurs. You might not have even realized that some of these folks are straight-up moguls, son!

That said, here is a little inspirational commercial I've seen recently from Cadillac. It's called "Don't You Dare," and it's basically a play of words in a reverse-psychology sense daring you not to be an innovator, or go after your dreams. I like this spot because I know many of us face challenges in the pursuit of our entrepreneurial endeavors. Sometimes, they're in the words (and lack of encouragement) of those around us. So, I dare you to take that calculated risk. I dare you to challenge the stable, steady and secure and disrupt the traditional work model norms. I dare you to exercise your creativity, and boldly pursue those dreams in your mind. Write that book, finish that degree, start that business, open up shop...I dare you! :)