Where there’s an opportunity, seize it. Where there’s not, create it.
— Jamaal Curry


Self-described as "Entre-tainer," Jamaal Curry is an actor, dancer/choreographer, filmmaker, Hip-Hop artist (stage name: Boss Eagle) and business owner. He is the owner/founder of 8199 Entertainment, a film, fashion & music brand company. His debut album entitled, The Firebird Album (released November 2017), debuted on the Billboard® charts, and is picking up steam in Colorado, the U.S. and abroad. The track "Baby" from the album, was voted one of Colorado Public Radio's (CPR) nine favorite songs of winter 2018 (view here). Three tracks from the album have also appeared in two feature films: "Ivan Drago" and "Baby" in A High School Story (Kingdom Sight Studios) and the anthemic, ode-to-Colorado jam, "We Got it Too," in the suspense film, SCION (Nerve Pictures). Curry is also the owner/creative director and lead DJ of EpIQ Events, which provides comprehensive and a la carte event services, including: DJ/MC, Floral Design, Photo Booth and Videography. 

And if that weren't enough, he is currently building another passion business -- Purpose-Driven Professionals, a career coaching business helping working professionals find or create purpose-driven, passion-filled and profitable work. Stay tuned!

Originally from Harvey, Illinois (south of Chicago), and raised by a single mother, Curry believes strongly in the ability to overcome obstacles and the importance of pursuing your dreams. His faith in God, the support of his wife and children, and his belief in hard work and dedication are driving factors in this pursuit. He's not only inspired to achieve his own goals, but also hopes to be an inspiration for others to pursue and achieve theirs as well -- and maybe provide them a little coaching along the way.

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