a multi-platform, integrated brand company


Daddy's Baby productions is the flagship arm of 8199 Entertainment. The goal is to produce in-house film/TV programming and also produce external content such as non-8199 ENT films, TV programming, commercials, music videos, etc.


The slogan for 8199 Apparel is "Live Free." That is what our clothing brand promotes: freedom - to pursue your dreams, to overcome and to thrive. The eagle is the universal symbol of freedom and, like the eagle, we desire to soar with clear vision and the wind in our wings.


Music has the ability to transcend age, race, culture and everything in between. It also has the power to tap into the deep recuses of our emotions. But it can also just excite us, encourage and inspire. At 8199 Music Group, it's pretty simple: We love music.


Official Trailer for "Make It Happen: The Movie" written and directed by Jamaal Curry
Starring: Jamaal Curry, Laura Esposito, Marray Napue, Rafael Rivero and Katherine Wales Lewis

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